Our skilled personnel have lengthy histories in machining and manufacturing, with diverse experience in various industries. APUS and its personnel have done work for various industries including the aerospace, medical, automotive and industrial markets. Our personnel have extensive knowledge and experience machining common aerospace materials such as; 625 & 718 Inconel, Cobalt, Stainless Steels, Titanium, Hastelloy and more. 

APUS doesn’t only machine quality precision parts, we strive to be the leader in quality and service. From receiving a RFQ to delivery, our goal is excellence throughout the process. With our highly skilled personnel, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality service at competitive costs.

Every good company has certain characteristics and qualities that set it apart, and APUS Industries is no different. We realized early on that to be successful, we would have to put our customers first. Although APUS is in business to make a profit, we always keep our customers best interest a top priority. We have repeatedly saved customers from unnecessary costs by utilizing alternative manufacturing methods, even if it means referring customers to other vendors. Our staff has also discovered engineering problems with prototype assemblies before we began the manufacturing process at no cost to our customers. 

As a result of developing internal quality inspection procedures, Apus Industries is a "full release" supplier to some customers. The significance of this is that our customers have credence for us to certify the quality of their work so products can go from "dock to stock" at the customers’ site. Apus Industries meets with its larger customers about every three months. These meetings are designed to allow long range planning for both companies and to remove any inefficiencies in our business relationships.

From single piece prototype parts to large quantity orders, APUS industries can fulfill your needs. Let us show you the quality of our services. Contact us for a quote today.